My Favorite Business Tools in 2023

An up-to-date list of all my favorites


The High Level Log0

High Level

Why I love it: For just $497/mo, I can manage ALL my marketing and my client's marketing under one roof. HighLevel is the ultimate all-in-one tool for agencies and works incredibly well for anyone else who runs a business (online or offline)
The Slack Logo


Why I love it: simple, easy communication with my team. 
The Notion Logo


Why I love it: All-in-one task management! I can see projects, files, tasks, etc. all at a glance and converse with my team on progress.
The Zoom Logo


Why I love it: Reliable video conferencing, integrates with everything!
The OBS Software Logo


Why I love it: allows me to record my screen and myself at the same time directly onto my hard drive for fast file transferring to my editor!
The LeadBook Logo


Why I love it: allows my students to automatically DM up to 50 people per day per account on Facebook. Excellent product and well-maintained.
The Ninja Leads Logo


Why I love it: Allows for the highest volume of local business leads scraped for the best price, and also scrapes Sales Navigator! Audio + Video Equipment
Image of Epidemic Sound Logo

Epidemic Sound

Why I love it: Great and Varied Background Music for Any Video Content I Make
Image of the Logo

Why I love it: Makes it possible to leave comments to my video editor in real time that he can see inside his editing applications!
Image of the Waalaxy Logo


Why I love it: The best LinkedIn automation tool out there!
Image of Submagic Logo


Why I love it: Allows me to auto-caption my short form videos with ease!

Audio and Video Equipment

Gonine Dummy Battery

Why I love it: I never have to think about charging my camera battery! Just plug it into the wall and I'm good to go. (Doesn't work if you're outside or need to move the camera a lot)

Zoom H1N Digital Handy Recorder

Why I love it: Super reliable battery-powered mic I use to record audio when traveling or speaking! Get it with the lavalier.

GVM 80W Photography Light

Why I love it: Lights up my face and doesn't cost a fortune!

Elgato Camlink 4K

Why I love it: Allows me to use the Canon90D as a webcam for Zoom meetings and to record with OBS

Elgato Stream Deck Mini

Why I love it: Allows me to switch scenes while recording video on OBS (just me, me and the screen, etc)

Triton Fedhead Preamp

You need a preamp (increases the capacity for volume on the quiet Shure SM7B), cheaper and more discreet than the Cloudlifter. Super easy to use.

Audient Evo 4 Audio Interface

You need an Audio interface to use the Shure SM7B. This one is reasonably priced and has great functionality!

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Lens

Why I love it: Creates that beautiful blurry background.

Canon90D Camera

Why I love it: It makes my YouTube videos look great and has a clean HDMI output, meaning I can use it to record through OBS without any screen clutter!

Shure SM7B

Why I love it: Makes me look cool on camera and the sound is crispy. This is the best mic in the business.

My Desk

Image of Apple Airpods

Airpods 3rd Generation

Why I love them: Allows me to do walking meetings without holding my phone up to my ear!
Image of an Apple MacBookPro

Macbook Pro 16 inch

Why I love it: Big screen while traveling, get to stay in the Mac ecosystem. Don't really need the computing power while I'm traveling but, oh well.
Image of an Apple Mac Mini

Mac Mini

Why I love it: The best value-for-money computer on the market. for $999 or less you can get amazing computing power, fast processing speed & everything else you need in a desktop computer. And it's small!
Image of a Jarvis Sit or Stand Desk

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Why I love it: Great look, sit-stand desk to keep my back and legs fresh throughout the day!


Chase Sapphire Preferred Personal Card

Why I love it: The best personal credit card out there! Awesome rewards categories + $800 cash back when you click this link.

Chase Business Unlimited Credit Cards

Why I love them: The Ink Preferred card gives you 3x points on advertising dollars spent on Facebook, Google, etc. The earned points go pretty far when applied toward travel! All options + exclusive signup bonuses (up to $1000 cash back) here.

Lively HSA

Why I love it: User-friendly HSA account for US citizens. I max this out every year and invest the money cause it is one of the only accounts that are tax-free on both ends!

M1 Finance

Why I love it: User-friendly investing app with a unique "Create your own ETF" feature. I keep most of my stock investments here.


Why I love it: Allows me to keep social media apps on my phone but locks them by default. You can take 1-10 minute breaks to browse or post. Useful because sometimes you just need the app!


Why I love it: Millions of audiobooks at my fingertips. Use it for fiction and nonfiction alike! 3 Months Free when you use this link